We have an app for everything in Silicon Valley. We embrace innovation and change as an inevitable part of our daily lives. Yet, behind our love of screens are parents trying to balance tech-heavy lives with preserving childhood, and we strive to support that.

Silicon Valley Mamas is the easiest way for local, tech-savvy families to discover what is going on in our world with honest reviews of new products and activities. We’ve worked large brands to smaller Bay Area companies, and countless others to craft relatable, first person stories about ideas, events, and products. Instead of showing something off, we show why we love it.

Silicon Valley Mamas has worked with these brands:

Coca Cola
Whole Foods
Mabels Labels
Western Digital
Galileo Learning

We only take on products that fit our lives and into those of our audience. We’d love to partner up on a collaborative project, but this means more than blindly passing along your latest Kickstarter campaign. We get myriad emails each day offering us hi-res images or a demand to share a product as a benefit to our audience. That’s not we we call a partnership.

Let’s work together to make something that gets noticed by Silicon Valley families!

Contact us at svmamas@gmail.com