Easy Gifting: Win the Holidays For Teens with One Quick Stop at the Store (Now with Hydro Flask Update)

You need a gift for a teen or tween and you don’t have time or energy to care anymore. We’re there with you. The good news is that there is an easy answer that looks more thought out than a Starbucks gift card (which is something they want too, to keep those funky frappuccinos flowing).

Hydro Flasks. Yes, it’s a water bottle, but it’s not cheap, making them a great gift. They’re awesome – keeping ice water iced for hours, even in the blazing sun – and they come in bright colors and teens plaster them in decals, adding to their self expression. Teens want them and will use them. You can order them online or REI carries them in stores with several color options. Also, they sell wine and pint sizes, making a great gift for those older than teens. (See below for a Hydro Flask update.)

Video games! Of course, this is a perennial favorite where only the names of the games change. We’re not convinced some of the games change, just the names to make us think they are new. Anywho, many tweens have or will be receiving the Nintendo Switch this Christmas. Even though we announced last Christmas morning that we were finished buying video game consoles for awhile, here we are, a year later, looking hard at the Nintendo Switch. Branch out from the basic games associated with the Switch with Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Rayman Legends. Both have an ESRB rating of E 10+, and both, according to one tween we know, are “really good, with a really good story, and a lot of fun to play.” No blood and guts here, just old school Mario fun.

There are always Starbucks gift cards. But not iTunes, because who (under age 35) buys music like that anymore?

**Disappointing Hydro Flask customer service update**

As this post went live, I noticed the flake on the paint in the above photo. At that point, this was a new bottle, never used other than being washed and a decal added to the back, and certainly never dropped. If the bottle was already flaking before use, I didn’t have high expectations for how the coating would hold up over time. The review was based on the other Hydro Flask bottles we own. I must have picked up a flaky bottle at the store and had not noticed. I contacted Hydro Flask and after a few days waiting, was told to apply for a warranty replacement, which I did. After another five days, they got back to me saying it was rejected because the warranty does not cover the paint/coating. Had this happened in the course of use, if I had dropped the bottle or had it come out of the dishwasher this way, I would have felt differently, but because this was brand new and not cheap, I called them to press the issue. After checking with a manager, I was asked to email an employee the picture and they would reconsider. That was over a month ago and I’ve never heard back.

The issue was resolved for me by REI. That was where I purchased the bottle and their customer service came through, exchanging the bottle for a new one. Thank you, REI! After this, I will probably stick to YETI and S’well bottles.

This is not a sponsored posts and the links *are not* affiliate links. We did try the games for free from Ubisoft, but everything else we’ve paid for and use ourselves. We wish Starbucks would sponsor us.

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  1. December 13, 2017
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