Fun Kindergarten Activity: Craft a Clothespin Bug

Kids love bugs. Parents, not so much. Why not compromise and make your very own critter that both parents and kids can enjoy? This activity is a creative and fun way to boost a child’s motor skills while giving her a lasting toy. When the craft is done, your child will have her very own colorful creature to buzz around the house.

What You Need:
Multi-colored construction paper
Black marker
Pipe cleaner

What You Do:
Cut out three small circles the size of a pea on a piece of colored construction paper.
Cut out two triangles from a different colored piece of construction paper (these will be your “wings”).
Take the pipe cleaner and put it through the hole in the clothes pin. Once through, bend up the edges for the legs.
Glue the three circles down the “back” of the bug.
Glue the two triangles (the wings) on top.
Dot on the eyes with the black marker.
You are now ready to fly your new little bug all around the house!

This activity was graciously provided by our friends at

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