Let Your Geek Flag Fly: It’s Maker Faire Weekend!

The most wonderfully innovative, creative, and sometimes kooky weekend is upon us. It’s Maker Faire Weekend! While there are other Maker Faires around the world, we like to believe that this one – the original – is by far the best, and it’s figuratively in our backyard.

We’ve written about the Maker Faire before and all of those tips hold up, so this time, we’re just going to post a friendly refresher on the whys and hows.


The real question is why not. Yes, there are the crowds and the traffic, but those are no match for endless bubbles, driving cupcakes, hands-on learning new skills, free pinball, exploding Diet Coke, and so very much more.

All of this amazingness is in one location. It’s a fantastic place for people-watching, idea-sharing, and inspiration-absorbing. There is a whoa or wow moment everywhere you turn. It may be a fire-spouting metal creature or tasting food made with cricket protein (you can try it for us; we’re not that brave), but there are plenty of things of display challenging common thinking or pushing creativity. Plus, corn dogs and funnel cake.

One of our major highlights each year is the SF Bazaar because we love seeing local crafters. We’ve been eyeing some of the Makers on Instagram in the past few weeks as they get ready, which has only upped our anticipation.


Don’t get bogged down in the how to get there scenarios. We’ve been in that place before where we let the worry of traffic bring down our enthusiasm. Follow @Fairetraffic on Twitter, and take a shuttle, public transportation or a ride-sharing service. There is no on-site parking, which is a bummer, but knowing that means you won’t second guess whether you should try for faire parking or not. Park far away and get close using other methods, even if it means walking. We’ve shuttled in the last few years (from College of San Mateo – holla!) and it’s been incredibly easy.

Go with a plan or jump in during the late afternoon for some aimless strolling around. Either way, you don’t know what you’ll discover.

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