What the B Corps? Stonyfield Joins the Ranks

Stonyfield sent me a basket of goodies from B Corps™ companies to help celebrate their certification. 

Based on the name, B Corps™ could be a business classification or it could be a drum line. There are certain business and legal classifications that I kinda know what they mean, but don’t really.

B Corps™ I now understand after it was brought to my attention from Stonyfield Organics: it’s companies who are certified as meeting high social and environmental performance standards, accountability, and transparency. That’s nice and good, but how it matters to me is that I know I can use a product without some guilt about how the company operates in a way that doesn’t connect with the wholesome packaging I see at the store. It means feeling good about my breakfast. I hate when I love a product and feel good about buying it, only to find out that product is part of a giant megacorporation that’s in the news for (fill in the blank) controversy that conflicts with my values. B Corps companies are acting as a force for good and the certification verifies that.

Stonyfield is new to being B Corps™ certified, even if they’ve always operated like a B Corps™ company, the certification makes it official. Hooray! This is different from organic or Fair Trade certifications because those are specific to the product, while the B Corps certification is about the overall process, including how they treat employees.

I found several companies I support on the B Corps™ list during a quick skim, including super local (to me) companies, like Oaklandish. There was another company on the list that I won’t mention by name, but it surprised me, and made me feel better about them.

To celebrate B Corps™ status, Stonyfield sent over a package of products from fellow B Corps-ers. (Not a word?) We all love Method and I use King Arthur products regularly. I’ve seen the Preserve toothbrush (the handle is made from upcycled yogurt cups!) before and will bring it along when I travel. The kids were excited about the granola and tea, but I may claim both for myself, especially after reading the back of the Pukka Three Tulsi box: “verdant green tulsi for sweeping away the clutter, then purple tulsi for uplifting the spirits, and to finish lemon tulsi with a zesty twist to inspire you onwards.” Yes to all of that! I cannot wait to try it.

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