Is it Time to Ditch Gas for an Electric Car?

2016 Soul EV

2016 Soul EV

This post is sponsored by Kia Motors America, however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I was nervous and my tummy hurt as I drove in the slow lane, ready to pull over if – once? – my car conked out. My gas tank holds 20.0005 gallons, which I know because last week I took my car down to an estimated seven miles worth of fuel remaining. All of the warning lights on my dashboard were flashing as I pulled into the gas station. This was utterly ridiculous, but it’s becoming a regular feeling for me as I’m always running low on gas now that my kids are at two schools located nowhere near each other. Two schools wasn’t a big deal when one was a preschool, but now that we’re talking high school and elementary, with various different after school activities, and my own work in two different offices, things are complicated. I log more miles than a hustling Uber driver any day of the week.

Filling up my car with gas two times a week feels bad because I consume enough gas to undo any good environmental karma done by my obsessive recycling and water conservation. Plus, I still send myself into an anxious tizzy when I run precariously low, even with two fill ups. Something needs to change.

“I need an electric car,” I announced at dinner.

The arguments against it came fast: battery life is improving quickly, so don’t get one now; you can’t drive far distances; those cars are so tiny…all real concerns.

My husband offered a concession: how about a hybrid?

Nope. I want, wait, I need, a fully electric car. I don’t want to deal with gas at all. I want to prepare for my day at home, without thinking of when and where to get gas. Getting fueled up is one more thing to add to my day (and yes, I’ve tried the on-demand fueling options, too, and it still doesn’t solve my over-consumption issue).

But, back to those real issues, like battery life, car size, and range anxiety.

I already have range anxiety in my gas car, but I understand an electric car isn’t like my cell phone in that I can carry around a battery backup to plug-in when it gets low. (Or can I? Nope. Sorry.) Yet, it is like my cell phone in that it’s part of my routine to plug-in my phone every night. Electric car battery range is greatly improving. The Kia Soul EV’s battery will take you 90 miles on a full charge and that means if I forget to charge it one night, I’m going to be okay the next day. I can’t say the same for my phone – if I forget to charge it at night, I may as well stay in bed the next day because my lifeline is gone.

Overall battery life is strong, too. The warranty for the Kia Soul EV shows confidence – it’s a 120 month or 100,000 mile coverage. That makes me feel good.

Finally, the biggie for hauling around kids and all of their excessive stuff, including a giant lacrosse bag with two sticks that are bigger than the kid playing the sport: size. After driving an SUV for over a decade, I look forward to a smaller car that will fit into a standard parking spot without me having to “check the lines” and sometimes readjust to squeeze in. However, regular size doors are key. I don’t want a toy car with tiny doors for the passengers in the back. This isn’t a clown car, after all.


2016 Soul EV

2016 Soul EV

Regular people-sized doors all around!

Next weekend is the EV Week showcase in San Francisco, which will have all different brands of electric vehicles on display at Pier 27. This is the perfect place to see how electric vehicles perform, learn about tax credits, have questions answered…and to see different back passenger door sizes up close. The Kia Soul EV will be there, showing off an eco-friendly design, those ventilated front seats, and regular sized doors. Times and other information about the event can be found at their website. Also: free tacos! Goodness all around.

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