Traveling with a Group to Disneyland: Should You Get a Suite?

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A multi-generational trip to Disneyland Resort always requires some tough questions about room reservations. Do we get rooms in the same hotel? Adjoining rooms? Do we get a suite?

We looked at all of the options on a recent trip with my husband and kids, my parents, my sisters and their families, and we ended up with the most perfect answer: a three bedroom suite in the Disneyland Hotel.

What our group cared about most: bathrooms. Seriously. The number of bathrooms we’d need came up many times during the planning process. When vacationing with 11 people, bathroom availability is an important thing, and no one was reassured when I’d tell them that yes, the Disneyland Resort hotels all have bathrooms and we’d be fine. Some people were imagining bathroom situations worse than a port-a-potty at an outdoor music festival. No one believed me that it would be okay until we arrived in the room and saw that it was better than okay.

The logic behind picking a suite:

  1. We wanted to be together for the kids…and the childcare. It was easiest for us all to be together because the kids wanted to see each other, we wanted to talk, it made it easy to coordinate everything, and there is built-in childcare when the kids can walk around in our living room while some of the adults got ready or took a break.
  2. Cost. Our huge suite cost less than getting three separate rooms. Any time you can save money at Disneyland, it’s a win.

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What we didn’t know until we got there:

That the suite would be huge! It was awesome and well above anything we had pictured. We expected three standard rooms linked together, but what we got felt like a penthouse, though we weren’t on the top floor. Here’s an awkward visual, but there was one bedroom on one end of the suite with two queen beds and a huge bathroom with a tub and separate shower, next was a large living room with a bathroom, a large table, couch (that converted into a bed, if needed), coffee table, and refrigerator, next was another bedroom and full bathroom, this one with one king size bed, and off of that room was a short hallway connected to another room with two queen beds and a full bathroom. Each room had a small refrigerator and TVs, of course, plus the light up fireworks on the walls, featured at the Disneyland Hotel. Not only were the rooms huge, but the windows were, too, and because we were in the Adventure Tower, we faced the parks and Downtown Disney. We were able to see some of the Disneyland fireworks, and a parts of Color of Wonder at California Adventure. The little kids were entertained by looking out the window, regardless of the time.

It was hard to leave the suite on check-out day. It allowed us to be together, but gave us plenty of space for alone-time and all of our stuff, including toys, a stroller and a motorized scooter. We made the right choice.

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