Where to Rent a Motorized Scooter At Disneyland Resort


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There she goes, storming the castle on her scooter.

**This post is absolutely unsponsored. Just sharing our experience.**

Love or hate the many motorized scooters at Disneyland, sometimes you need to get one. Maybe you have difficulty walking, maybe your spouse is very pregnant and can’t walk far or maybe you’re traveling with grandma – a motorized scooter is a great option. We rented one recently for my mom on a family trip to Disneyland Resort and there is no doubt that the easy mobility improved the visit for her and for all of us.

In our case, my mom has severe asthma that has gotten worse with age and leaves her mobility extremely restricted. Her doctor added to her medicine regime before the trip, but that wasn’t going to be enough. I started looking at message boards and review sites to find the best scooter rental company, which meant a good quality scooter, easy to pick up and drop off, no charging/battery issues, and at a reasonable price. We were staying at the Disneyland Hotel for a few days, which is key, because if you are visiting the park for the day, you can rent an Electric Conveyance Vehicle (ECV) directly from Disney, however, those stay in the two parks and cannot be taken into Downtown Disney. We needed something that would go from our hotel suite to the parks without restrictions.

The perfect rental company while staying at the Disneyland Resort is Deckert Surgical and Homecare. They were well recommended, but due to their name, I was a little nervous calling because it was only for a scooter, not something more serious, and I thought setting it up may be a hassle. I was wrong. I called, got a quote, and made the reservation. They have the scooters already at the hotel due to a storage agreement with Disney, and they are fully charged. Best of all, they let you cancel up until the last minute without a penalty. This is key if you are on the fence about needing a scooter. We originally held two scooters because my normally-fit dad sprained this ankle the week before the trip and couldn’t walk. His ankle healed just before arriving in the parks, but it was a relief to know he had an option for getting around if it didn’t. Not to mention, we had joked about him and my mom in his and hers matching scooters. He didn’t think this was so funny. When we arrived, I called Deckert to say we only needed the single scooter and they adjusted our charge, while letting us know our needed scooter was ready for us, even though pick up was scheduled for the next morning.

I believe we paid $40 a day, but they only charged us for the full days. We had scheduled an early morning pick up for our first day in the parks, but they told us it was ready for us when we arrived the day before and could get it without added charge. It was the same for the day we left: we went to turn it in first thing in the morning, but were told we could hold onto it until it was time to go, which was post check out time. The pick up and drop off at the Disneyland Hotel is at the outdoor bell desk, and I would imagine the same location at the Grand Californian and Paradise Pier. The whole process was smooth and positive.

My mom drove the scooter all day and charged it each night as a precaution, even though it held the charge well.

The best part of all this was the hilarity of watching my mom try to figure the scooter out. Her friend had suggested she try the ECVs at Target or Costco prior to our trip, kind of like a driver’s training class, but she didn’t do that, which lead to some awkwardness figuring out her new ride in our hotel suite. She crashed into a wall at least once (sorry, Disney!) and another time she zipped into the elevator before we were ready and the doors closed behind her before we could get on, leaving her alone on the scooter facing the back of the elevator, unable to press any buttons. Luckily, someone else got on at a different floor to help get her to the lobby, all while we laughed hysterically and wondered if we’d see her again.

Without the scooter, my mom would have had to take frequent breaks, and there is no way she could have kept up with the family. The scooter was worth the money and made the trip more memorable for all of us.

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