Ideas for Packing Up Healthy Road Trip Food for Kids

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This post is part of my partnership with Stonyfield Organic.

Every trip we take includes a bag (for flights) or a plastic storage container full of snack packs to tide the kids over between meals and prevent hangry meltdowns. The one road trip I didn’t bring anything, we got stuck in traffic and some members of the family thoughts they were going to die from starvation. Lesson learned.

Before our trip last week, I went over to the cupboards and loaded up a container with granola bars of various flavors, trail mix packs, crackers, and a new addition of Stonyfield Organic Fruit Snacks, then the container was placed in the back seat between the kids. When we fly, I always throw in lollipops, gum or a hard candy for take off because my son’s ears don’t always pop with the elevation change. Nothing we pack is perishable because I don’t want to deal with temperature fluctuations or food breaking down, like with fresh fruit. A plastic tub works best to help the snacks from getting crushed, which inevitably happens to our snack bag when we fly.

Like many trips, the snacks are always needed in the morning, when kids want something to eat as soon as they wake up, but we aren’t planning to have breakfast until after we leave our hotel room. That’s when the granola bars come in handy. This trip, it was on the almost endless stretch of I-5 north that the kids got squirmy and wanted something sweet, which is where the Stonyfield Organic Fruit Snacks came in. My son had been begging for them since I brought them in to the house. I don’t buy standard fruit snacks because – as my daughter’s second grade teacher pointed out years ago when saying they were forbidden in school lunches – they are candy packaged as something made to look healthier. Stonyfield has solved that problem, making the product as healthy as the packaging promises.


These little guys are made with organic fruit juice and have no artificial ingredients, but my kids don’t care about that. They want something sweet and tasty and these fruit snacks deliver. I only packed a few for the road because I knew that the biggest problem would be slowing my kids down – which turned out to be true, and with the adults, too, as they’re a great alternative when craving a sweet snack. Both the Mixed Berry and Strawberry are good, with our family preference slightly in favor of the Mixed Berry for the variety of fruit flavors.

This trip our snack pack was almost wiped out, with only a granola bar and crackers left when we returned. Of course, the fruit snacks were long gone.

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