Life Reset Underway (With Help From prAna and Stonyfield)

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Life reset take 2,091,763 is underway. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s pretty rare that everything is working right in my life. If I’m on top of one thing, something else is sliding, but when I fix the sliding thing, other things stall. I saw an old headline from The Onion that rang true: Man Gets Life in Order for 36 Minutes. First, I laughed, but then I was kinda jealous. 36 minutes of sounds like a dream. Instead of lowering my standards, it’s time to make improvements. We’re back to exercising more and after two weekends of travel, I announced we need to buy major amounts of yogurt to get our digestive systems back on track. Congratulations, we’ve made it to that stage of life.

Our treadmill used to live in our garage, which is down the hill from our house. This should have been no big deal, but it felt like a tremendous effort to get down there and stay down there in the cold, dark garage. After much pleading, Kevin gave up part of his office to allow the treadmill into the house. This has made a huge different because the treadmill is right there, taking away the first excuse, and it’s in wifi range, which means Netflix, making the experience much better.

I’ve got plenty of exercise clothes, but Kevin wears an old karate gi for yoga at work and a pair of khaki shorts for the treadmill. Both look out of place, but that doesn’t bother Kevin, however, the comfort level could be improved, and that is something he wanted. For me, having the right gear is overcoming the first barrier. Enter prAna, which offered to help. Kevin is now the proud owner of a pair of men’s yoga pants, the Kolpa Knickers, and they are awesome. He’s kind of picky, but these work because they are comfy, lightweight, not restrictive, and the right length.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 6.46.46 PM

Not Kevin

Well, when he first put them on, something seemed off. The fit was weird and the pockets were odd. He insisted it fit okay, but it looked strange. When I asked him to turn around, the issue was obvious: the pants were on backwards. After a quick adjustment, they were on correctly and looked perfect. Now he’s ready for anything during workday yoga:


Maybe not quite this, and no, that’s not Kevin or his pants, but maybe eventually?

If we’re making the effort to exercise more, following up with an improved diet is a natural next step. We’ve been grabbing more yogurt as a breakfast on the run or even a dessert. My new favorite is Stonyfield’s Oh My Yog! Madagascar Vanilla Bean. It’s super yummy, although just now I see they have Pacific Coast Strawberry that I’m going to ask my local store to carry because strawberry yogurts are always my morning favorites. After two weeks of road trips, yogurt is a lifesaver. My tummy is feeling much better.

How long will this last? It’s not clear. The only thing that has suffered so far is time wasted on Facebook, and that’s not a bad thing.

Want to try your own pair of Kolpa Knickers or maybe anything piece of clothes to jumpstart your reset? Use this code (JBYF15TTAT) for 15% off your purchase on between now and Dec. 15. (Not good on gift cards or other offers.) Get those holiday gifts now!

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