Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Tinker, Create, Innovate (And a Kiwi Crate Discount Code!)

Try any of the Kiwi Crate family products at a great holiday discount. Use code SUB60 for 60% off your first month of a subscription or SHOP50 for 50% off any shop order through Nov. 30. Thank you to Kiwi Crate for reintroducing us to their great products by sending over a few of their boxes aimed at older kids and teens.


Subscription gifts are a parents favorite. Gifts can easily get lost in the chaos of a holiday, which is why I love the gifts that keep on giving each month. When our kids were little, we asked their grandparents for subscription gifts that would deliver an exciting box of educational fun that our kids looked forward to each month. Our dog even gets a monthly subscription gift box. We’re that into the concept.

Kiwi Crate was always a favorite among my kids, and like a holiday miracle, they would collaborate on the projects instead of fighting over them. The only problem is that they eventually aged out of the Kiwi Crate projects. Or so we thought…(dun, dun!)

It turns the Kiwi Crate family is made up of four brands, which span the interest and engagement levels of ages 3-16, allowing those fun monthly subscriptions to start up again for my 9 and 13 year old.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.07.56 PM


Kiwi Crate remains the same great mix of science and art, but my kids have graduated to Doodle Crate and Tinker Crate. As soon as they arrived, my son – the 9 year old – started begging to open them. One thing that has changed since our Kiwi Crate days is that he can run the entire project(s) from start to finish without any assistance. (Except he had to be reminded to clean up he’s Tinker Crate scraps afterward.)


He got to work quickly on his Doodle Crate box – a clock-making kit. His sister looked over as he got started and within minutes, she was working along side him with her own box. They spent some time talking over possible designs for their clock, then on their suggested painting techniques. It wasn’t a complicated project and they fully enjoyed the process.


Later, when my son opened the Tinker Crate, he said that he had already made biomechanical hands at camp and he started to close the box back up. That’s when the 13 year old held up the Tinker Zine that comes with the box to point out the other projects he could make with the supplies. This was news to me, too, because I thought the crates focused on one project, but they provide enough materials and inspiration for multiple projects. My son was reenergized and jumped back in, making straw puppets. The Tinker Zine included a section on hands and their anatomy, including bones, joints, muscles and tendons, and the puppet project would was inspired by human hand joints. Also, Tinker Zine taught me that there are no muscles in your hand, which  I probably shouldn’t admit that I didn’t know. He loved the puppet project and was inspired to build another biomechanical hand.

If subscriptions aren’t your thing, there are plenty of one off boxes, including incredible holiday boxes that will help fill the time with festive fun during upcoming days off from school. They have kits for ornaments, snow globes, Hanukkah and more that can be found by going to their holiday page. Don’t forget the discount codes SUB60 for 60% off your first month of a subscription or SHOP50 for 50% off any shop order, good through Nov. 30.

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