Liberate those Photos: Buy Stonyfield, Save $20 on Shutterfly

This post is part of my ongoing partnership with Stonyfield.


My iPhone has become my memory. I don’t know if this is due to my age or the digital age, but I look to my photos and remember little things that I’d already forgotten about or a timeline that has already become muddled. (“That was last year? I thought that was only a few months ago…”) While a great second memory, the avalanche of photos can be crushing and they are clearly more than I can cram onto our Christmas card, even if I make them all really tiny. The only way I get them off my phone is for annual photo books that serve as great gifts and family mementos, but also are overwhelming when I wait until the last minute, which I do every single year. This is my reminder to myself and anyone else who needs it to start uploading those photos now.

Every year, I pledge to upload my photos to Shutterfly each month and every year, it ends up being a last minute rush to upload about 100 pictures. It’s too late this year for monthly uploads, but if I can get up six months worth of photos before mid-November, I’ll be in good shape.

However, the real tip is this: take those photos that you’re already uploading for Christmas cards or gifts, and make an annual album for your family. The photos are out of your phone and put into a format that your whole family can enjoy.

Each Christmas, I make a photo book gift for my parents and in-laws featuring all of the highlights of our year. Then, in January, I make a photo book for each of my kids with those same photos. It takes time, but it’s done and I feel less guilt about all of the ignored photos in my phone. I use Shutterfly for two reasons: 1. It’s straightforward and they allow customization of each page to make the images larger, to rearrange layouts, etc.; and 2. It’s all about the discount codes. I’ve never paid full price at Shutterfly due to the number of discount codes always in circulation. Shutterfly lists their codes on their website, but it doesn’t hurt to run a Google search before finalizing your order. There are always good deals on photo books in January. The discounts don’t end in December!

Here’s the latest way to save that’s valid throughout the holidays:

Purchase any Stonyfield YoBaby or YoTot yogurt six pack for $20 off your Shutterfly order. (The discount code is on the top of the pack, on the orange lid.) For more details, including how to redeem, visit The deal ends Feb. 29, 2016, which means you can make a holiday gift or your own photo yearbook. There is a $20 minimum order before taxes and shipping, and the offer is only good for one per household.


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