Seven Things to Know Before Taking Kids to the Maker Faire

MF15_BA_300x250It’s the happiest time of year when the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth pulls into town for one mind-blowing, awesome weekend for all ages and interests. Here is what you need to know for taking kids to the Maker Faire this weekend:

1. Be early or late. Mid-day is most crowded, which means it’s best to get there early, preferably just after opening time to miss the huge line to get inside. The converse is to go in the afternoon when crowds start to head out, leaving much more room in the halls or room to get hands-on or to talk to the makers themselves. The afternoon option is especially best if you have two days at the faire.

2. Eat lunch early. If you’re spending the whole day at the Maker Faire, grab lunch early. The food lines suddenly go from sparse to long in a flash. Get that corn dog or jambalaya early, then see the exhibits while the large crowds are eating. Bring water, and maybe light snacks, too.

3. Plan before you go. Look at the schedule and the map to pick the booths you most want to see and the talks you most want to attend. The talks are full of inspiration and good ideas. Don’t overlook them. Plus, they are a great place to take a break in the shade. If you want to see the Mousetrap, get there early to get a spot where kids can see. Or else, expect to put them on your shoulders.

4. Get your wristband as soon as you walk in. To participate in many activities, you need to sign a liability release and get a wristband indicating that you did so. By getting it earlier, you can avoid lines and the stress of really wanting to do something, but having to postpone because you need to get a wristband. Just do it early to get it over with.

5. Make a meet up plan. Write your cell phone number on your child’s arm, and make a plan of where to meet, if you get separated. It’s loud, which makes cell phones hard to hear, making that back up meeting place crucial. Set a new meeting spot after entering each new zone.

6. Set a budget before you go. Kids want everything at the Maker Faire, but much of it costs money, like soap making, Lego figures, science kits, and more. If you have a child who begs, talk about limits before you go.

7. Buy tickets in advance! They are cheaper online than at the door, but advance sales cut off tonight. Plus with tickets already in hand, you get to skip the line to buy tickets when you show up at the gate.

Let your inner nerd run free! Have fun and prepare to return home at the end of the day fully exhausted, yet totally inspired!


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  1. May 15, 2015
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