New Stonyfield Product Taste Test: OP Smoothie and Chia!

I’m notoriously a baby when presented with new food, it’s both interesting and a little scary, and my taste test reactions are nearly as dramatic as I contort my face in response to the taste. As part of their Yo-Getter program, Stonyfield sent over some of their new products to try and I gave them a taste so you don’t have to worry about whether to buy them or not. (Costco samples have spoiled me when it comes to getting a taste test before committing to buying a new product.) The answer is buy them – that is if you can because we truly bought out our Whole Foods’ selection of Organic Protein smoothies after trying just one bottle.

My kids love Stonyfield Smoothies, but have been limited to the smaller size berry flavored ones we can find near us. When they have them at Costco, I buy them by the case and those disappear within days. I was excited about Stonyfield’s new OP, the high protein, organic smoothie most because of the size. The bigger bottle is enough to fill my kids up. See the size difference here:

My kids tasted the OP Smoothie in vanilla and they loved it. It’s the perfect after school-post sports snack, and I happily filled my cart by taking every one off the Whole Foods’ refrigerated shelf recently. OP comes in strawberry and chocolate, in addition to vanilla, and we can only hope and request that our store begins to carry more than vanilla.

Next up was a brave step for me: Greek Yogurt and Chia. I’ve long been tempted by chia, but again, I’m a baby, so I was hesitant. I’ve heard about the benefits of chia, but was still hesitant. I freaked out thinking that they would be like eating roe in yogurt. Finally, I took the plunge. It was great! They are little seeds and they don’t pop, like I’d imagined, and they’re not hard like pomegranate seeds either. It was like little fruit pods in my yogurt. It adds a nice complexity to greek yogurt, making this feel both substantial and really tasty. This is my new, go-to breakfast.


These new products were a win for us. I love finding new snacks that I feel good about eating and sharing with my kids.

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