Remembering Those First Foods for Growing Babies


Two kids, two very different relationships to food. This is common, but what surprised me is how my kids were with food as babies is pretty much still how they relate to food.

Let’s start with my first child. While pregnant, I craved the worst food. I sent my husband out for Laffy Taffy and Ho-Hos once, even though I couldn’t remember when I last ate either of those things. I definitely had never eaten them together. I did the stuff I was supposed to do by not drinking alcohol or Diet Coke and not eating deli meat or any other restricted food. I read everything (mistake!) and after she was born, held off on feeding her solid food until about nine months out of a passed down concern of developing food allergies if we started early. All of this was fine because she wasn’t a big eater, and still is not. She’s got great control when eating sweets that no one would have imagined during my Hostess and Laffy Taffy binges.

We skipped rice cereal and started her with avocados, then bananas. My favorite picture, that is packed away somewhere, is of her first bagel. She had no teeth, and for fun, I handed her a whole bagel to see what she would do. In the picture, her big eyes peer out over the bagel, which is almost as big as her head. It was something like this:


My son was different. I craved little sweets while pregnant with him, which is hilarious now because he is the kind who sneaks sweets out of the kitchen while the house is asleep. He was the baby who opened his mouth like a baby bird, if I held him while I ate. He wanted to eat from a very young age and he wasn’t going to let being toothless stop him. We started him with the same diet of avocados and bananas, but no bagel because he was the animal who would have tried to inhale it. Also, the only food photo I have of him is the one above, on his first birthday. Things slide after the first kid.

The first food my kids ate that wasn’t a mashed up fruit or vegetable, was YoBaby yogurt by Stonyfield. They both loved it and later, they both loved YoToddler. Honestly, my son ate YoToddler way beyond the toddler years before he moved onto their YoKids line. As a mom, it was easy, portable, and best of all, I could trust the ingredients. My kids still love Stonyfield yogurt, especially my son, who could eat several at once, if allowed. He is still almost always hungry.

I’ve always been honest that I have a working relationship with Stonyfield. It has nothing to do with opportunity or compensation, it is because I have such love for the company from those baby days, when I trusted them most to feed to my children.  Stonyfield YoBaby, always a trendsetter, turns 16 this year! I’m so thankful they were there for us in those early days.

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