Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration is One to Plan Your Vacation Around


My son broke the quiet of the car ride with a question.

Him: Mom? Did you say we were going to Disneyland next month?

Me: Um, no?

Him: Oh, I thought you said we were going to Disneyland next month.

Me: I WISH we were going to Disneyland next month.

Him: So, we’re going the month after next?

Me: What?

This may be my son’s version of The Secret, just throwing out to the universe that he wants to go to Disneyland next month. Or the month after. While we don’t plan to go on his schedule, we will be going to Disneyland this year to celebrate the park’s 60th anniversary and see all of the amazing flourishes and touches that go with the Diamond Celebration. The question is, when to go?

Kicking off May 22, the start of the Memorial Day weekend, which always feels like Disneyland’s huge opening weekend welcoming summer, the park will be renewed as it celebrates its history. There will be a new nighttime parade, Disneyland Forever fireworks, and a special World of Color that highlights Disney’s storied past. Disneyland’s fireworks have ruined all other fireworks for me because nothing can match up – not even Washington D.C. during the Fourth of July, which is a pretty cool show. Only Disney can top themselves and the renderings of what the Paint the Night Parade and Disneyland Forever fireworks will look like are mind-blowing. The fireworks will be immersive, with action all around to accent the actual fireworks. It all looks like a G-rated Burning Man. We can’t wait!

Basically, a place that is already bright and shiny will be made brighter and shinier. I can’t wait to see Sleeping Beauty Castle draped in diamonds and Disneyland blue. (If Disneyland blue is not already a paint color, it won’t be long, I’m sure.)

We’re a fan of going to Disneyland Resort during Memorial Day weekend. I know this sounds a little crazy from people who want to avoid the big crowds, but when there in the past for the 24-hour event starting the weekend, the crowds were great. Outside of the most popular rides, we didn’t wait long, and for those popular rides, we grabbed Fast Passes. (Make sure to get a Radiator Springs Fast Pass early!) We went back again just after Labor Day and that was amazing, too. We shared the park with toddlers as most schools were back in session. As the year moves on, I can’t wait to see how the Diamond Celebration will interact with decor for Halloween and the holidays.

With all of the pop and pizazz, Disneyland released this one small peek at the popcorn containers coming for the Diamond Celebration. They managed to make popcorn containers something to collect. We’ve always saved the tubs the popcorn comes in because they’re fun and great for playing with at the beach later on, but this year? I want one of these for my office. LOVE!


My son is a Disneyland popcorn fanatic, to the point where he cannot stop himself. The popcorn buckets (which have the 60 year logo on the back), will be a must have for him, as will every piece of popcorn on the inside. He’s like a vacuum when it comes to Disneyland popcorn. He just inhales. As long as we limit him to one, everyone should be safe.

Photos courtesy of Disneyland. This post is not sponsored, we’re just really, really excited.

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