Already Asking for a Reset on 2015


Sometimes small leaps feel like big jumps.

This was supposed to be last week. I sat down to start off the year of my precisely planned schedule, full of ideas and enthusiasm, but then my password didn’t work. It wasn’t only the password, but both of my sites were down. All attempts to fix it seemed to make negative progress. I was only making a broken thing more broken. I gave up, got real help, and everything was fixed, bringing me here one week late. The universe laughed at my goal of regularity.

So, this week is the real start. I’ve been reading books – I’m on my third of the year, which isn’t much under the number I read in the entire last year. This pacing will not be maintained. However, I will have something to say about each one. The one thing I learned recently is that I have started to prefer e-books. I never thought I’d say that, but they have this one awesome feature (not including the fact that I’m less likely to drop my iPad Mini on my face when reading while in bed) where important sections are easily highlighted and saved. I used teeny scraps of paper to remember key pages in Lena Dunham’s book, but then during one of those drop-the-book-on-my-face moments, all of my mouse-sized bookmarks fell out. Now, I can’t remember what I wanted to remember.

Other reviews are coming, too, both sponsored and unsponsored, mostly because I like knowing what to expect before trying something new and I assume there are others like me out there.

Finally, there is a never-ending list of parenting issues that we’re grappling with. Does choosing a school ever end? Even when a decision is made, there is always second guessing or wondering about the greener grass on the other side of the fence. Extra-curriculars, cell phones, saying goodbye to booster seats (or not?), online chatting, classmates, the minute drama of middle school…we’re dealing with all of it. Like an old school list of pros and cons, sometimes to best understand an issue, it helps to write it all down, which is what we aim to do.

While unrelated, we think about this all the time: when will Facebook develop a filter to hide boastful posts? Not accomplishment posts, but the less-than-humble brag posts. The passive aggressive brag posts. We are over them! While they’re at it, please filter any disturbing news. Nothing derails a good day like a post or a glimpse of a trending item that includes some horrific tragedy or crime committed against a child. Sometimes connecting with the outside world is a super bummer. Amy Poehler has something to say about sad news stories, which I will get to soon, assuming my bookmark is still holding the spot.

That’s what’s coming up, and it all starts now! (Please read that in the dramatic voice Chris Harrison uses for kicking off The Bachelor.)

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