Why You Need The Art of Social Media

book-cover-395x560Most social media books are old before they’re released. Just like it’s wrong for someone to call themselves a Social Media Guru because the landscape changes so fast that everyone is always looking for the next big thing and learning how to best conquer it. I knew the latest book by Guy Kawasaki would be different, largely because Guy is known for pinpointing tips and writing in a fast-moving style, but in this case, the book has the boost of Peg Fitzpatrick, who is awesome. Peg is the closest to being a social media guru. She knows what works and what doesn’t though her own heavy use. Guy and Peg are the perfect combo to tackle this quickly evolving space.

If you’re new to social media, it can feel like you’re trying to join a game of Double Dutch, not knowing how you’re ever going to run into the jump ropes whipping around without getting hurt.  This book is for all skill levels. While it’s titled The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users, it feels like it needs a Stephen Colbert-style addition of “and you can be one, too!” The major platforms are addressed, including the less understood Google + and Google Hangouts.

Here are a few of the highlights. My tip is to buy the e-version, allowing easy bookmarking, highlighting, and following of hyperlinks.

  • Make your avatar awesome with a good face photo.
  • Add multiple photos to a single tweet by typing the camera icon repeatedly. (I did not know this!)
  • There is a massive list of blog post title templates to help grab and engage readers. It’s fill in the blank stuff that helps when you just cannot think of one more title.
  • Don’t delegate social media to an intern. AMEN! The book suggests if you’re going to delegate to an intern, watch them closely. Companies may see social media as a young person’s thing, and because so many younger people were raised on the internet, that’s understandable. Just don’t forget this is the public face of your company and it needs to remain professional, even if your voice and tone are more irreverent, the work needs to be carried out right.
  • As for those steps to carry things out, the book has a “Peg” your Post checklist with 10 steps on how best to share on different platforms, including changing titles and proper image size.
  • When running a Google Hangout with a guest, the book offers a checklist to send the guest prior to the event, minimizing last minute problems.
  • Guy explains how to get your site on Alltop, his RSS feed aggregator site. It’s a link to submit, which is another reason to get the ebook.

This book is worth the time and money. It doesn’t talk down or go unnecessarily deep. No matter how little you understand of social media now, this book will guide you toward becoming a power user.

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