Take Your Pet to See Santa at Stanford Shopping Center

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We took our dog to see Santa. Despite having children, we’ve become those people. As we ran out the door, I thought I should dress her up, but the only outfit we have for our dog Trixie is a Batgirl dress, which didn’t seem seasonally appropriate. Once at the mall, it was clear our girl was underdressed. All the other dogs wore Santa coats and other garb, and the cat (!) in front of us had a necklace and a Santa hat. Our poor Trixie was naked.

When we encountered a long line of families recently waiting to get their photos with Santa, we saw that the Stanford Shopping Center offers two options for pet photos with Santa. The first was Sunday, Nov. 16, and the next is this coming Monday from 6:30 – 8 p.m. We arrived just before the official start at 6:30 p.m. and the line was short. Not long after, the line was as long as it is on a moderately busy time for families – it was probably about 12 pets deep. Between our puppy and our kids, we’re glad we lined up a few minutes early.

Santa was great with the animals and the staff was working hard to get the pets to look toward the camera. It was hilarious to watch the whole thing – between the anxious owners, bouncing employee, and confused dogs. After the woman in front of us dressed her cat for the photo, she told Santa she’d need to hold that cat, if that was okay, or else the cat may get a little stressed. With all of the commotion, it was hard to imagine that would be the only stressor.

The experience was worth it. We had to get our kids’ photo with Santa, and they wanted the dog included, and this was an easy solution. The other pet owners were nice, and even though this was after hours for the mall, a crowd gathered to watch the pets pose. The cost was the same as it would have been with kids only.

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