Mitsubishi’s 2015 Lancer Will Entice You Out of That SUV


I drive a tank. Not a real tank, of course, but the way I struggle to park my car, you’d never know it wasn’t a real tank. When it’s easier to parallel park your car than to pull into a spot, things are bad. Still, I was attracted to the size of it until I recently test drove the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer.

This is not the Lancer of a few years back. We passed an early model Lancer recently and I wouldn’t have recognized it. The car I had – the Lancer SE – looked sporty, like a modest muscle car. I was the cool mom at school pick up.


The week I had the car was a bad week – it was during the Storm of the Century in the Bay Area, which means I only drove the car once during that week when it wasn’t pouring rain. The big surprise is that the Lancer has four wheel drive and that allowed me to zip around turns while never losing contact with the wet ground. The car feels light, but it sticks to the road like a champ. I never experienced any slide or unintended movement despite the horrible rain. I felt incredibly secure. Much safer than in my tank, and it was much easier to park.

What I didn’t expect:

  • The traction control, as mentioned before;
  • Rearview camera;
  • A serious sound system with a 10 in subwoofer;
  • Spaciousness at each seat and in the trunk;
  • Keyless entry;
  • Drink holders galore;
  • A cool look.

What it missed:

  • GPS. That was a serious bummer, but it is available in the x model.
  • Plugs! It lacks a USB port or a standard plug. There wear two spots for cigarette lighter adapters, but a USB or standard plug would be been much better.

Overall, this car was fun, sporty, and a great value at under $25K. (The SE I drove have an MSRP of $23,505.) This isn’t the typical mom car.

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