The Right Lunch Gear for the New School Year

It’s no secret that my kids have a long summer, with three full months off school. Still, even with all of that time, each year I find myself placing last minute rush orders to get them new lunch boxes in time. It’s not like when I was a kid and if you were lucky, you went to the grocery store to pick out the metal lunch box with a picture of the TV or cartoon character that you loved best. I can still remember the awful smell of those lunch boxes late in the school year. Blech.

Here are the winner’s for this year, picked from what was still in stock with online retailers that could guarantee quick shipment and arrival before the first day of school.

svmamas-lunchboxesMy son’s lunch bag (bag? case?) is from Lands’ End. It’s the same bag we buy over and over again each year, with only the exterior print and embroidery pattern changing. I love getting the bag embroidered because it’s great having a clear identifier, without having a name embroidered so large that everyone within 100 yards knows your kid’s name.

The BuiltNY bag was a more difficult decision because it’s for a seventh grader. Sometime between sixth and seventh grade, the standards and stakes went up. Things need to be just right. This works. It’s tagged with the metal dog tag from Mabel’s Labels, which also passes the seventh grade coolness test.

The snack sized Glad containers are perfect for my son’s lunch with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They’re BPA-free, so I have no hesitation using them. I do have some hesitation about the grapes inside, which are Bronx Grapes. Bronx Grapes will lie to you and tell you that they’re seedless, but they’re not. Seedy liars.

Disclosure: Only the Glad containers and Mabel’s Labels were provided. All other items were purchased, including the underwhelming grapes. If you’re still looking for labels, Mabel’s Labels back to school combo goes away Sept. 30. Not only are they in our school supplies, but on new sports gear, too. 

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