On-the-Go Accessory for Women that Will Change Your Life


I saw the Speck card-holding cell phone cases long before I thought about using them. They seemed like a clever idea, but I wasn’t sold because I loved my cell phone case. My case had a picture of my kids, so I couldn’t give that up. I use Speck cases on all of my other gadgets, and when I was given the CandyShell card case, I took it a little reluctantly because I didn’t think I’d use it.

That changed when we went on vacation this summer, at a time when I didn’t want a purse or a bag weighing me down at the beach or Disneyland. I wanted to be hands-free, which meant it was time to snap on the new case.

Speck touts the CandyShell case as phone, wallet, and superior protection, all in one. It turns out, they’re right. I drop my iPhone ALL THE TIME, and minus some faint scuffs on the case, no one would ever know what a klutz I am. I love having my most used cards with me – typically driver’s license, debit card, credit card. While on vacation, our room key card took the place of one of my credit cards. Days walking through Disneyland didn’t require anything more than my phone in my pocket. It sounds silly, but it was liberating.

My new iPhone 6 arrived the other day, but I have yet to use it because I’m afraid to not have it in a Speck case. No more photo cases. I love my kids, but the security and convenience of the Speck card case is something I can’t give up.

Disclosure: My Speck CandyShell card case was given to me for free, but I couldn’t predict how much I’d love it. All opinions are my own. 

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