Great Gift for Kids Age 3-8? Try Kiwi Crate


My son grabbed the Kiwi Crate box from our front steps and asked me to open it again and again and again until I gave in minutes later, right after we got home from school. As we opened the box and took out the contents, he kept saying how cute everything was, but once we reached the bottom of the box, he said, “where are the kiwis?!” He thought we’d been ripped off and denied an afternoon snack.


I left the room for a moment to change my clothes and returned to find both of my kids excitedly doing both of the Kiwi Crate projects in the same spot where we opened the box. They were that eager to put together both projects and didn’t seem to matter that they were right up on the kitchen sink even though a larger work area and stools were a few feet away. My daughter is 11 and outside of the Kiwi Crate target range of 3-8, yet that didn’t matter. She loved it. She worked together with her brother, age 8, to build finger puppets and a little garden with real seeds. Because they were on the older end, they took care of everything with zero assistance needed from me, and Kiwi Crate included all supplies needed to complete the projects, including a nice pair of kid-friendly scissors. It was perfect for me and fun for them to spend the afternoon working together.


While my son may have been temporarily disappointed in the lack of kiwis, my daughter was disappointed that this was a one-time review. When she found out I hadn’t yet subscribed to an ongoing membership, she let out a disappointed sigh. With the holidays approaching and a family birthday, too, I love ideas like Kiwi Crate because they make the perfect gift. It’s not a one-time toy, but something engaging and fun that arrives once a month to inject excitement into a normal routine.

svmamas-kiwicrategardenKiwi Crate has a few size options and starts at $19.95 a month, and when doing a search, I found a Groupon Deal of the Day (not an affiliate link). If you sign up on the Kiwi Crate site before Sept. 17, you’ll receive the special 3-month Time Traveler crate series, in addition to a bonus welcome crate and free shipping. All good stuff that make the perfect gift or a great way to have fun kid projects delivered directly to your door.

Special for Silicon Valley Mamas readers! Use the code SVM25 to save 25% off first month subscription to Kiwi Crate. New subscribers also receive free shipping PLUS a bonus welcome kit.

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