Want School Gear to Come Back? Put Mabel’s Labels on It

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 4.30.26 PMI freaked out a little recently when I found out my son lost two hats at sports camp this summer. One came back after the label was noticed, but in my mind, both should have because they were clearly labeled. I kept carrying on about that point, “BUT THEY WERE LABELED?!” Some jerky kid is wearing my son’s hat with my son’s name clearly tagged inside. “How can this kid live with himself?” I kept asking long after my family stopped making eye contact with me. I’m used to the power of the label. This is the first time in my history of kids that I can remember a labeled item not finding its way home. That is an awesome record.

This is peak season for labels. Other than summer camp, back to school is the time of year when every single thing your kid takes out the door needs a label. If you ever want to see that sweatshirt again, label it!

I’ve given up on labeling with a pen unless it’s a ball. Even the lacrosse gear bagged up near our door right now features Mabel’s Labels on everything. A Mabel’s Label may be what a kid sees first (or last?) as he gets clobbered by my son when getting checked. (Seriously, lacrosse is brutal.)

We’ve been customers of Mabel’s Labels since preschool days and I keep a bag with various sized labels always ready to go for whatever new water bottle or sweatshirt may join our family. Mabel’s Labels sent us a set of the Stylish Scholars Combo to try out and I can’t wait to get labeling all of our back to school gear. The Stylish Scholars are perfect for older kids because they’re thinner, making them just right for placing on electronic devices, and they don’t have an icon, which may be seen as childish for middle schoolers on up.

This is what they’d look like if I got them personalized for me:

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 4.28.54 PM

Here’s my Mabel’s Labels tip after many years of experience: buy labels with your last name only. When my kids were young, we got them each their own labels to let the colors and icons reflect their style, not to mention, seeing a first name was a lot more identifiable when they were little. Now that they’re going into third and seventh grades, I bought a camo background featuring blues that appeal to both of my kids. This way, I can stretch one pack to work for both kids. I love having labels for each of the kids, but often I want to label a family or shared item, and I’d have to cut up one of their labels to drop their first name. No more! Who’s the stylish scholar now? (I’d show a picture of the ones we received because they’re awesome, but they only include my kids’ last name, which I try not to disclose.)

Mabel’s Labels are almost indestructible. They go through the laundry and dish washer without problem. Some of our labels have been on water bottles for nearly five years and are in better condition than the bottle!

Disclosure: Mabel’s Labels proved us the Stylish Scholars Combo to test for free. All opinions are my own. 

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