Inside Look at Carmel Valley’s Hidden Gem, Holman Ranch


Holman Ranch in the Carmel Valley has a long, storied history, evolving each generation into something more incredible, keeping it a hidden gem nestled in the valley. Holman Ranch is known for their gorgeous weddings, yet the ranch is much more than a wedding location, it’s an upscale rustic escape tucked into the gorgeous backdrop of Carmel Valley. You need to see it.


The ranch’s history goes back over 100 years, first as a working ranch, but it made its name as a gentleman’s club during the golden area of Hollywood, often attracting celebrity guests. With successive owners, the ranch has evolved into an event estate. In recent years, fine wines have begun to be produced on site with acres of grapes growing on the golden hillsides, and olive oil, too, with a grove of 100 olive trees on the property. The flora onsite is so lush, I wouldn’t be surprised if honey was next, and the rows of lavender and other plants were all buzzing.

How to Get There

The logistics of getting there are simple: it’s an easy drive from the Bay Area and a quick hop from Monterey. Figuratively though, most visitors to Holman Ranch go for a wedding. It’s an undeniably gorgeous wedding venue, yet that alone shouldn’t define the ranch. It’s set up for corporate retreats, with a well appointed board room and plenty of activity options, and other private events that don’t include exchanging vows.



Staying There

Holman Ranch is definitely private, only renting out their 10 bedroom suites for group events or weddings, not as single rooms, which means that if you are staying on the property, everyone else staying there is at the same event or wedding. It’s not a bed and breakfast with traffic. It’s a great place for a family reunion or a business event where there is plenty of space for togetherness, yet everyone has their own private place. Holman Ranch only hosts one event at a time, maintaining the peacefulness of the spot. If you’re there on a retreat, there won’t be a wedding going on in the background. Or if this is your special wedding day, the whole ranch will be devoted to your event without strangers peeking in.


When you stay at Holman Ranch, the property is yours. Proprietors Hunter and Nick are relaxed and hospitable, giving guests room to explore and relax. There is a historic hacienda, an upscale game room, a pool, small gym, and a kitchen for all guests to enjoy. More than anything, the best thing is that it is quiet. The peacefulness of being tucked away in the hillside means the only noises are from horses boarded on site and other animals on the 400-acre property. At night, we could hear coyotes howl in the distance.


The view from our bedroom


More about the wines of Holman Ranch and how the wine club is a fantastic idea for locals, not only for access to great wine, but in addition, it includes invitations to many Holman Ranch private events. One last photo for today because the wedding site reminded me of something out of the Bachelor. I could see this as their final rose/engagement site. 


Disclosure: I stayed at Holman Ranch as a guest of the Lowder Family. All opinions are my own. 


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