Hey Summer, Not So Fast!

svmamas-cuestapark (1 of 1)The plan to enjoy every moment of this summer is slipping away fast. My days of summer hashtag was forgotten after day three, not because we weren’t doing fun stuff, but because time was moving too fast to remember to take a picture and hashtag it. My kids are still in the first half of summer, with just under two months left, but it’s moving so fast that the first day of school will be here in a blink.

This summer has not been relaxing. It’s been relaxed, yes, but not relaxing. Bedtimes are later, and even though camp starts the same time as school, the mornings run at a slower pace. We traded a rigorous schedule for a more relaxed, more fluctuating one. It’s not a string of open days and free time, but such is life when your parents work and this isn’t the days of kids staying home alone.

We’ve been on one vacation and more will follow, but my dreams of having a break from it all never happen. Maybe I will remember vacations that way, but while tons of fun, they are also tons of planning, packing, and organizing on the go, getting through TSA and rental car lines, and washing, packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking and washing again. The memories are fond and the photos capture the happy, which is what makes it all worth it.

School supplies are out at stores. While some people complain that holiday decor goes on sale too soon in the fall, school supplies out on July 1 seems blasphemous, but then some schools begin soon, adding to the feeling that even though summer just got started, it’s almost over.

My kids are sun-kissed and happy, which is what summer is all about, even if every moment isn’t sprinklers and Popsicles. I just want it to slow down a little bit so to not feel so hurried.

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