Host an Impromptu Summer Party with Walmart To Go

As a participant in the Walmart to Go First program, I’ve received a personal invite and payment for my time and efforts in creating this post.

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It’s no secret that I am in love with home delivery, but I’ve always been hampered by one simple issue: the lack of refrigerated food delivery. When I heard that a solution had arrived, I couldn’t wait…to order up a ton of ice cream! Ice cream was the hold out item, the one thing that I wouldn’t be craving at the store, but later at home, when it was totally inconvenient, I would want ice cream. Walmart To Go isn’t as fast as snapping your fingers and having ice cream magically appear in hand, but it is pretty fast and it beats an unscheduled run to the store.

Summer is perfect for casual get togethers with friends, and why not invite over the neighborhood kids for an ice cream social. (Also, by inviting over some kids to join us, I looked generous instead of really going overboard with ice cream delivery for myself.)


I have never shopped at Walmart before and I’m probably not the only person in the Bay Area who could say that. The closest Walmart is a few towns away, but Walmart To Go delivery service removes the geography issue. It seems like the entire store is available for delivery, from baked goods to computers to ice cream and other dairy. I loaded up my online cart with ice cream pints, ice cream bars, cones, sprinkles, whipped cream, graham crackers, caramel, other snacks, and a few things I needed for the house. I picked a two hour delivery window, paid, and waited until the magical moment. Our driver called to let us know he was outside, then he loaded up his bin with everything for a casual kid soiree and walked it up our steps and unloaded it in our kitchen. Within minutes, we were scooping up Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food for all.


The delivery driver was like a summer Santa Claus to the kids, who could not believe the stuff that was being unloaded into our kitchen. To them, it was a dream because just a few minutes before they were eating chicken and a salad, then this man showed up with a big box of ice cream that they were allowed to eat.

This service could not have been easier. Everything we needed for a fun night with friends was dropped off, making the entire event possible on a weeknight. Next time, I think we’re going to try a s’mores party. They even have wine! Get ready Walmart To Go!

If you’re in the Bay Area, try Walmart To Go First – VIP Experience for yourself. Have a Friday wine and cheese party or keep this in mind to have snacks on hand for football Sundays. For $10 off your first order, sign up here.

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