Pre-Summer Goal Setting Meeting Not Universally Welcomed

images-2Tonight is our big family meeting, but I’m the only one excited about it. I’m a planner, a list-maker, and a goal-setter, and a few times a year, this gets pushed onto my family. Tonight is our summer goals meeting where we all share some goals for the summer, including skills we want to work on, things we want to try or learn or do. I write them all down, then we can cross them off as we accomplish them. Summer starts at 12:31 p.m. on Wednesday for us and I want to be ready.

My daughter is not on board. Last year she said she goal was to spend more time with her online games. Clearly we have different definitions of worthwhile goals. This year, she’s already raised an objection, saying she would not be setting any goals. Then when her brother said his goal was to visit the Grand Canyon, she went along with that, knowing it meant no effort on her part to accomplish this goal or not. It’s not like she’s pledging to walk there.

We’ll see what she says tonight, after I wow them with my goals to update LinkedIn and clean up my Pinterest boards. There’s a good chance her goals will center on amassing more “rares” in Animal Jam, but I hope not. The point isn’t to force her to do something she hates – even if she sees it that way – but to get into the practice of setting goals and working to achieve them. I want summer to be fun and relaxing, but I don’t want it to be months of loafing. She’ll have plenty of time to lounge around and read, but hopefully she’ll push herself a little further.

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