Don’t Forget This Accessory When Going to Disneyland

imgresFirst, this isn’t a suggestion to bring your phone because that should go without saying. Bring your phone for use as a watch, camera, line entertainment, and savvy way to find out wait times at the rides. This is more than that. Before you go, make sure to pack your Fitbit. Disneyland is a gold mine for those of us counting our steps and is the single key to hitting a new daily record.

Before leaving to Disneyland, make sure your Fitbit (or whichever tracking device you prefer) is charged up because nothing would have hurt worse than losing all my steps with a dead battery. I know I took the steps, which is what should matter, but I’m one of those people who need to see the number to feel the accomplishment. For the record, I have a Fitbit Force that I’m holding onto despite the recall because I love it.

I check my Fitbit more than I check social media sites on my phone, and this was definitely true at the Disneyland Resort. We walked to and from rides, which didn’t feel like work, but the steps added up quickly. We were in Disneyland for two partial days – get that, not even full days – and each day we walked over 10 miles. My daily goal is normally 10K, which we easily hit early in our park hopping. Each day we walked about 24,000 steps, and while not one of those steps was merely to rack up another step, it did make the far walks easier. Did I want to walk back to see the wait for a certain ride? No problem because I knew it meant more steps.

All of those steps made it easy to justify those amazing Disney desserts.

While I thought my 24,ooo+ steps each day crushed it, I was recently schooled by one of my Fitbit friends. He was at Disneyland Resort about a week later and walked about 42K steps in a day. For real. He claims to have gone on rides, but I secretly suspect he was power walking laps around the park all day.

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