12 Reasons to Love the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe

photo 2Have you ever fallen in love with a thing? I love tons of stuff, but I never thought I’d fall in love with a car. I love my car, it’s great, but I recently fell in love with the Chevrolet Tahoe, which is embarrassing (because it’s a car) and surprising both at once.

Here’s the deal: I was given a 2015 Chevy Tahoe for five days to cruise around in for a review. The night before it was to be picked up, I dreaded the next day. That day, I counted down the hours, hoping I’d get a call that there was some sort of problem and the pick up was delayed…by another week. That call never came and I sadly turned the key fob over and went back in my house to mope. Later that night I caught myself thinking about where the car was and if it was being driven by someone else. This is when I knew I’d gone crazy.

photo 1

When I picked my son up from camp in my regular car, he said, “Your OLD car? What happened to the Chevrolet? Why couldn’t you have JUST BOUGHT the Chevrolet? You could have bought it, you know!”

My current car isn’t all that old and up until last week, I thought it was the greatest. When I returned to my car after the Tahoe left, everything about my car bothered me and didn’t measure up to the Tahoe.


Here are 12 things I loved about the Tahoe:

  1. It’s roomy – the middle row was not a bench seat, which means the kids were less likely to touch each other.
  2. It’s handled like a dream. I hate parking my SUV and I worried about the Tahoe, which is slightly larger, but it handled so much better. Maneuvering into tight spots was no problem.
  3. It’s incredibly safe. There were so many safety controls that I don’t know how I lived without. Blind side alerts, rear cross traffic alerts, forward collision alerts, etc. My current car beeps when something gets close, but I can never remember if the high pitched beep was for something toward the front of the car or back. I had no questions in the Tahoe. I knew exactly what the car was alerting me to at all times without a single beep (the seat vibrates instead).
  4. Air conditioned heats! They’re also heated and with a heated steering wheel, but it’s summer, so I didn’t even test those out.
  5. Seats fold down lickidy split with a single button.
  6. The power lift gate is much faster and with better sensors than my current car.
  7. Easy entry! I loved that I didn’t have to fumble for my keys nor did my kids get made because I was slow to unlock the door. If the key fob was near the car, a little button on the handle would unlock the door(s).
  8. Tons of interior storage for stuff. I mean, of course there is a lot of room for moving furniture, but I like a lot of compartments for my phone, glasses, wallet, etc., and there was a lot of room for those.
  9. The stereo is awesome.
  10. The GPS is much, much better than my current car’s (which gave me bad directions this morning and got me stuck in a ton of traffic, adding to how much I missed the Tahoe).
  11. It’s plush. It’s hard to describe why, but it felt really luxurious. Maybe it was the fresh leather or roomy interior, but it felt good to be in.
  12. It felt safe. It has the latest safety features, but it also felt like it would get us safely to a destination. When I told my husband that if an Amegeddeon-like event happened, that Tahoe would get us to safety, he responded that we’re preparing for different things when considering a car.

Here’s the one bad thing about the Tahoe:

  1. The gas mileage. That was the only draw back, but it’s noteworthy when considering a car. It says it has an average fuel economy of 16 city, 22 highway, but my highest miles per gallon reached was 15, with mostly city driving. One tank of gas can take the Tahoe 460 miles, which means it must be a beast to fill up, but that tank will run for awhile. I have to fill up my car – also an SUV-  once a week, but five days in the Tahoe only took it to half of a tank.

UPDATE: Every single day without the Tahoe, my son has brought it up in the most sad way, and reminded me that I could still buy it. Also, he points out Tahoes on the road anytime he spots one. GM’s long-term marketing plan is working!

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