The Best Spring Accessory May Be on Your Device

inkedfloralLooking for a new spring or summer look that everyone will see, but costs much less than a pair of shoes? Dress up your phone with the bright colors of Speck cases. They’re not only pretty, but really tough, too, which may matter more than the bright colors.

Speck cases make a fun Mother’s Day gift, especially if you’ve gone all out to buy mom a new iPad or phone – my mom is getting a new case to cover the iPad Mini she got for Christmas – and with a store in Palo Alto, it’s a perfect last minute item.

Did you know Speck has a store in Palo Alto? We didn’t until we recently attended a party there. If you’ve been to the Palo Alto Whole Foods, you’ve been right near the Speck store and may not have known it. The store has cases for all devices, including a wall of laptop cases that is reminiscent of an old record store as you flip through the cases looking for the perfect color.

Courtesy of Speck, I left with a few products to try. Here we go:

Laptop cases. Let’s be honest, most people don’t want to cover up their gorgeous silver Macbook or hide the glowing Apple on the cover, but if you don’t, it’s going to get scratched up good. My Macbook Pro is a few years old – geriatric by Macbook standards – and despite being gentle with it, it’s scratched up like a beat up car. Last week I got a new Macbook at work, and while it’s not mine forever, I want to protect the pristine metal. This is what my new Speck cover looks like after a week of being thrown into my bag and tossed around with my keys and other essentials. Most of the smudges can be wiped off, but there are a few faint scratches what would have been on the computer, if not for the case.

svmamas-speckcaseI grabbed a second case for my personal Macbook, but I picked the wrong size, which means after I moped for a few minutes, my husband got a new cover for his computer. His is less scuffed than mine because he takes it to work in a messenger bag with a laptop sleeve. My giant Coach bag isn’t as forgiving. If you don’t want to cover the metal and Apple logo, Speck sells a clear case, too. I will always use these from now on.

iPad Mini Covers. I took home a FitFolio as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom in the most fabulous design which I won’t show for fear of ruining the surprise. For myself, I got a DuraFolio, which adjusts at multiple viewing angles, and has military grade protection that makes me feel much safer when I prop my iPad mini on the treadmill each morning. For the family, I got to try a ShowFolio, which has hooks on the back designed to clip onto a car headrest. The ShowFolio will transform a long road trip into an entertainment center. Just hook your iPad to the back of the driver or passenger seat for the kid or kids in the second row to watch and use without fighting over who will hold the iPad. Or, hook it onto the headrests of the second row, to entertain the passengers in the third row. It’s a great idea, and honestly, that may be the case I should use on the treadmill.

svmamas-speckcase-2iPhone Covers. Speck has a new CandyShell Amped for iPhones that through its unique design, make the sound two times louder and clearer. Of course I first thought of music, but it really comes in handy when listening for GPS directions as you drive. There is also the flower case, the CandyShell Inked, pictured at the top, which is my all-time favorite Speck design. It’s so pretty and seasonal. It makes me happy every time I look at it. For my son, who uses an iPhone 4 as an iPod, I got him one of Speck’s many military grade cases because he drops that thing ALL THE TIME. My kids fought over the case, even though my daughter didn’t need it, she wanted it because she liked the colors. It’s all about the color, they don’t need to know that it has enough protection to survive a high drop.

The hardest decision at Speck is not what to get, but which one to get. Like with fashion, change with the season.

Disclosure: The products were provided by Speck for review. All opinions are my own. 



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