Let Google Deliver You the Perfect Family Night In

It’s Friday or really any other night when you have your heart set on a night out without the kids, but then babysitter calls to cancel. Without a way out, the options are to mope around for the night or have the ingredients for a fun family night delivered in white and blue bags. Let Google Shopping Express save the night by shopping around, running from store-to-store with your list in hand, delivering everything for your perfect night in, right to your door step!


1. Mac and cheese for the kids, (2) chips, salsa, and beer for mom and dad. 3. A super cool s’mores grill kit, with all the fixins. 4. Family Nerf battle followed by an all out game of UNO. End the evening watching the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

I’m a Target fanatic, shopping there a few times a week, yet I haven’t stepped inside the store in weeks. Not since March, and considering that I didn’t have to go in the store for Easter candy or birthday gifts is some kind of miracle in the form of Google Shopping Express. When it shines most for me: last minute loaf of bread orders, saving school lunch; when a stuffy nose and cough appear out of nowhere and I can get cough syrup, lozenges, Sprite and chicken noodle soup without leaving the house; that special time of the month when chocolate and other items are needed, STAT!; and for those birthday party gifts that I’ve forgotten about and suddenly it’s Friday night and I need a box of Legos for a gift the next afternoon.

If you’re in the Google Shopping Express delivery zone, use it now! Join now and delivery is free for six months and after that, delivery will be $4.99 per store. Get that: act now because it is free, regardless of the number of stores you order from in a single delivery.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. I’ve been using Google Shopping Express since last fall and I am 100% a fan of the product and their customer service.

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