Why Driving to Disneyland (or Anywhere 400 Miles Away From Home) Can Be Better Than Flying

spring road tripEaster is here, and many school districts in the area are on spring break.  We’ve already had ours, and even though we’re back in school, my mind is still reliving all the fun we had on the road.  We enjoyed day trips to San Francisco, the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, and the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley.  Then we drove down to Anaheim for four glorious days in Disneyland.  When I drove down to Disneyland last October, I thought I’d need about a year to recover — but I found myself on the very same road trip less than six months later!

The more we make the 400 mile drive, the easier it seems to get.  In fact, it’s gotten easy enough that I’m pretty much indifferent between flying and driving the 400 miles.  Door to door, it takes almost the same amount of time.  It takes about 6-7 hours driving versus 4-5 hours flying (the flight is just over an hour but you have to be at the airport 1.5 hours ahead, and the airport is about 30 minutes away from our home, and LAX is about one hour away from the Disneyland Resort ).  If your flight gets delayed, you’re easily looking at 6-7 hours.  Obviously, driving 400 miles in a car is far more tiring (for the driver, at least) than flying the same distance on an airplane, but I’ll take the occasional stiff neck and legs if it means paying $120 for gas instead of $750 ($150 times five) for plane tickets!

Here are a few more reasons driving is better than flying:

  • You can pack as much as you want without having to pay extra.
  • You can take your full sized toiletries and they won’t get confiscated at security.
  • When the snotty nosed brat behind you starts to kick your seat back, you can turn around and yell at him… because that snotty nosed brat is your own kid.
  • You’re not sharing strangers germs and breathing in strangers farts, just your family’s.
  • You don’t have to eat airline food.
  • When you get to your destination, you don’t need to rent a car because you’ve already got one.
  • You can always stop for a break when you need it.
  • You get more leg room and seat width than most coach class (we test drove a Kia Cadenza during Spring Break and it was like traveling first class!)
  • You never have to stow your electronics during take off and landing.
  • When you look out the window, you get to look at changing scenery instead of endless clouds.

Of course, if our drive were a few hundred miles longer, I’d probably change my mind and happily line up for airport security.  But as long as we live in the Bay Area, a family trip to Disneyland is probably going to involve my own pillow, four pairs of shoes, Alfie’s electric kettle, a picnic cooler, all the stuff we can pack… and our car keys.

Read more about Bonggamom’s spring travels on her personal blog, Finding Bonggamom, and check out her review of the Kia Cadenza on her review blog, Bonggamom Finds.

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