Our First Pressured Camp Signup

imagesI’ve been lucky in that I work for a camp and when it’s time to sign up, I call a colleague who helps me. This year my son wanted to do two sports camps at Stanford, one of which has a much watched sign up day and a limited number of slots that fill fast. This means for the first time ever, I had to set my alarm for early, early morning to make sure I was ready to go.

Last night I put out all of the needed cards – health, dental, and credit – to make the process go smoothly, as was recommended by the camp. I logged on at exactly 6 a.m., but the site wasn’t live. I refreshed and refreshed and refreshed until the registration opened a few minutes later. I quickly entered all of our information, trying to stay cool while really nervous. It felt like a game show where if I won, I had to pay. Everything went smoothly and my son got his spot.

Overall it was fine, but the stress of needing to be on and hurried at a certain go time was a drag. I’m thankful that our other weeks of summer don’t require this effort. I cannot imagine having to physically line up for a sign up or if our summer hinged on this one week. Friends with kids that go to sleepaway camps have much more stress because they need to match up weeks with other camp friends and get registered in a very short amount of time that is also about six months before summer, making scheduling a guess. We had a back up if it didn’t work out for us, which meant the pressure should have been low. Now that he’s signed up, I can shift my anxiety to whether he’ll get lost on a field trip.

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