Not All Oranges are Oranges: Our Citrus Addiction Grows

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Citrus used to only be navels, valencias, lemons, and limes, then satsumas came into my life, but this winter, it seems like each week a new and improved orange-like fruit is at the market. I am so thankful, as it’s the perfect filler between apple season and summer berries, and my kids are gobbling them down.

Recently my obsession was Cara Cara oranges, which was like eating an orange with the edge taken off, but then Whole Foods ran out and the ones at Costco taste like ordinary oranges. Today, I circled the citrus section at Whole Foods, hoping the Cara Caras would reappear, but instead I found Sumo Citrus. Honestly, I’d only heard about them from one of Whole Foods’ social streams, but the in-store display caught my eye. First, they are from Lindsay in Central California. I have cousins there in the orange business (Sumo is not theirs), and I always get excited when I see their stuff or products from their area at Whole Foods. Second, Sumos are super oddly shaped. It’s almost like they have a built in handle. Third, they are a very limited time only fruit. I grabbed one, then went back to get a second, just in case it was good.

The Sumo was awesome! They are really easy to peel, easy enough for the laziest kid or for a younger child, and they have no seeds to bother with. It’s different from the Cara Cara – the Sumo was a little more tart – but it was really yummy. I’m heading back to the store this week to buy a box full of them.

It feels like I’m late in discovering Sumo Citrus. If, like me, you’d never heard of them, it’s worth getting to a Whole Foods soon to try them out. The apple supply at the market was dwindling, and it’s good to have an alternative.

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