Looking for Healthy Snacks? Try NatureBox

hero-1We know what you think, but this post is NOT SPONSORED. No one from NatureBox contacted us, paid us, or even said hello, and we’re not even using an affiliate link because this is not a sell, but a review of a new-to-us product that we love.

There comes a time late in the school year and when schedules are especially hectic, when it seems there is nothing anyone wants to eat in the house. We’ve eaten apples and oranges in the past few months, but we need something else and the pantry has gone ignored. It’s full, but no one is interested in what it has to offer.

Finally, the Facebook ads got to me and we ordered a NatureBox. We found a coupon code on their Facebook page for 50% off our first box, which encouraged us to go a size higher than I would have without it (we picked the Happy Snacker). I picked five different snacks, hoping that at least one, maybe two, would pass favor with the kids. About a week later, the box arrived having traveled all the way from…San Carlos? That’s right, NatureBox is local! It’s another reason for us to want this to be a success.

We ordered: Flax Fortune Coins, Country Ranch Peas, Guacamole Bites, Granny Smith Apples, and French Toast Granola. Every single item has been good and snarfed down by my kids. Two days after the first box arrived, my daughter asked when the next one was coming. We loved everything so much that we’re not going down a box size, and I’m trying to figure out how to try different snacks while keeping our favorites.

If you’re looking for healthy snacks delivered to your door, consider NatureBox. With a busy schedule, we’re growing more reliant on shopping and food delivery services, and this is among the best for kid-friendly, healthy snacks.

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