It’s Still Winter, But the Stores Say Summer

Target-bogo-half-off-swimwear-saleIt’s summer at the stores, even though it’s cool and drizzly outside and only the very start of March. That hasn’t stopped the stores, who are experiencing the sizzle of summer. Look at the ads: Target has swimsuits on sale, with beach totes and flip flops advertised, too. Costco has surfboards, goggles and beach toys on display. Most of the country may be covered in snow, but retailers are living a few months ahead. This is all wrong.

Some people get upset that stores put holiday decor out too early, but this is worse. Holiday decor is cute and fun, but seasonal items are needed in the future, in the appropriate season, and buying them sooner only means storing them.

It’s not only too early for swimsuits and beach balls, but the equally annoying problem is that during the summer, when beach gear is most needed, the stores will be out and filled with sweaters and boots for fall. If you don’t buy ahead, buying to meet future needs, those items won’t be there when you need them. This has always been the case with Costco, but stores like Target seem to have shifted to the same schedule. The beginning of March is too early for a massive drop of bathing suits.

Please, department stores, show some restraint. Devote a small space to upcoming seasonal items for people eager to stock up or going on vacation someplace that calls for warmer clothes, but don’t turn over entire sections. It makes you look ridiculous and confused.





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