Is St. Patrick’s Day Growing As an Event?

867603dd05396c3400144a6dc8cadef0It feels like each year St. Patrick’s Day grows in celebration. I remember wearing green as a kid, and we ate corned beef and cabbage despite the fact that I hated it and it was my birthday (hello, therapy!), but the day was really noteworthy for the ability to pinch people not wearing green.

The day seemed to become bigger as I got older, but I didn’t know how much of that was being young and eager for a reason to drink beer during the week. Now, even before Pinterest got ahold of it, it seems that St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by most Americans, regardless of Irish or Catholic connection, even regardless of a love for weekday beer. It’s become a fun holiday for all. My husband pointed out that as people/society get wealthier, celebrations increase. Some people blame greeting card companies for the rise of Valentine’s Day, so is the beer industry to credit or blame for the popularity of St. Patrick’s Day?

Last week we got Shamrock Shakes and this morning I left out Lucky Charms, both special things for my kids. Next year it will probably be something on the mantle, if the trend continues. I had never heard of a leprechaun trap until I had kids, and we still have the painted gold rocks my daughter’s preschool teacher hid around the playground, saying they were left by a leprechaun. I’m sure in a few years, the leprochauns will be leaving gifts and Elf on the Shelf will have a green cousin show up weeks before to make sure all kids are worthy of gold coins.

If you celebrate, no matter how much you celebrate, Happy St. Patrick’s Day and here’s hoping you don’t get pinched.

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