It’s One Wet Little League Spring Training

little leagueI’m hoping that it’s not a sign of bad things to come.  I’ve heard that rain brings luck, so maybe I should want it to be a sign.  But the same week that “Spring Training” starts for Little League Baseball, the Bay Area is having it’s first real rain storm.

We need the rain.  Oh do we need the rain.

But after watching the first practice of my son’s AAA team, I think they may need the practice more.

I don’t remember a game or a practice being cancelled due to rain in the baseball season last year.  Maybe I’ve just forgotten.  I do remember sweating like I was in sauna during their late spring games last year.  Oh to high heavens was it hot.

This year, we parents are all buying the kids team sweatshirts to wear because its so cold.  We may have to switch that order to rain coats instead.

We are fairly new to baseball.  It’s my son’s second year of playing.  He loves the game.  Last night, at the first practice after the first scheduled practice was rained out, he gave 100%.  All of the boys were practically giddy with excitement that they get to play baseball again.

Meanwhile all of us parents stood watching the clouds get heavier and darker, wondering if we were gonna make it to the end of our practice time before the rain started.

Our team mom has already explained that there typically aren’t rescheduled practices.  The fields are in too high of demand.  But rained out games get rescheduled for Sundays. With baseball already taking over our lives for the spring, now it’s going to take over our entire weekend too.

Gawd knows California needs the rain.  But man do I wish it had stormed over basketball season instead.

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