Are You Ready to Indulge in Natural Beauty Products?

photo (3)Natural beauty products have been on my mind lately, maybe because I am toying with the idea of oil pulling thanks to Design Mom’s description, but I will admit to feeling a little skeptical about natural makeup. Whole Foods is trying to change all that by going beyond the standard no animal testing or artificial colors  to promoting products that are free of parabens and nearly 400 other prohibited ingredients, and they’re putting their favorite beauty products on sale this month to get unsure people like me over the fear of trying something new.

I love my mascara and shadows, and I was hesitant to leave them. I’ve bought natural nail polish in the past that peeled off as easily as the Tinkerbell polish I wore as a child, which made me wary of natural beauty products. However, I was ready to try the alternatives, and after being pleasantly surprised by natural nail polish, maybe it’s time to give some other products a chance.

For Christmas, I got an organic shampoo called a degreaser (really sells itself, eh?) full of essential oils to help my oily hair shake the product build up. It’s helped with the buildup and I’d recommend it, but my hair is left feeling a little dirty.

photo (4)Whole Foods gifted me with a bag of their favorite products to test out. I’ve started with Weleda’s Skin Food to heal my notoriously dry skin and after one day, my elbows no longer look like a snake shedding its skin, so that’s positive. Next up is Dr. Hauschka’s Cleaning Milk because I’ve found the drug store makeup remover I use is too harsh for my skin. Not a surprise since my old stuff is aimed at teens.

Whole Foods NorCal is putting their favorite products on sale this month to encourage people to try natural beauty solutions. During 10 Days of Beauty, Feb. 7-9, all facial care products are 25% off, and all makeup is 30% during Feb. 12-16. Your favorite items can be preordered now online and picked up at the store during the sale. If you’re trying something new, Whole Foods normally has tester products out, and also, they will take back a product with receipt if you are unhappy with it.

Disclosure: The gift bag containing natural beauty items was given to me free from Whole Foods. All opinions are my own. 

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