A Real Glimpse of Real Life

A friend said recently that she was bothered by the lack of reality in blog photos. Everyone has perfect homes, perfect kids, and is living a beautiful life straight out of an artsy magazine. We all know that it’s easy to frame pictures to highlight the good, while cropping out the bad, but still, when you only see photos with shiny counters and kids who look like squeeky clean Gap models, it’s hard to reassure yourself that what you’re seeing is essentially marketing and not reality.

This week I wrote about #TidePods and #GainFlings and how they’ve been the surprisingly simple solution to the horribly dirty clothes my kids leave in their hampers. As part of the post, I took a photo of my son’s clothes, an average example, not an extreme. Here it is, in case you missed it:


But to go one further, here’s a photo of my house taken when I was photographing pictures of our Valentine’s Day decor. I was focused on the decor, but to keep it real, I stepped back and this was the reality:


The room through the doorway is my office, filled with boxes that need to be unpacked. They’ve been sitting there for about three weeks, maybe a month. In fact, they’ve kind of exploded. I hate them, but I need to organize my office closet before I can unpack them. Towels need to be put away, a craft kit box was left out, my computer sits on the ottoman, the WiiU controller isn’t pictured, but it’s left plugged in and probably on the floor, and in the far outside, I can see our hill needs to be raked.

This is our real life. No photo editing, no judicious cropping. It’s messy and full of life. Feel good about yourself.

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