GameStop Trade-In Program Lets You Clean Up and Trade Up

gamestoplogoYou know about GameStop from buying games or maybe from driving by the nearly two zillion stores across the country, but did you know that you can trade in old games or devices, even those old devices that don’t work and have been stashed away in a junk drawer for months? If Santa didn’t deliver the latest system or the It game, this is time to trade in old devices or games that have fallen out of favoritism to offset the cost of what you or your family really want.

The most surprising news is that the devices do not need to be working. So instead of beating yourself up for not yet recycling that old iPhone, bring it to GameStop for a trade-in. All devices are refurbished at a facility in Texas, and if they pass testing, are sold through GameStop’s preowned selection. That brick of a dead tablet is not as worthless as you thought.

This is one of the greatest motivations to clean out media cabinets or wherever old games and expired electronics are discarded and pushed off for a dusty retirement. Plus, the trade-in process is really simple. When I tried it, I admit that I was a little concerned because my last trade was years ago at a music store in the Haight where it’s all a questionable judgement call by the clerk. GameStop is much more transparent, and trade-in values can be found online.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Bring in all of your unwanted games and devices.
  2. The sales clerk will tell you how much each item is worth for cash or instant store credit, and you can decide on an individual basis if you want to keep it or trade it in. (Note: all items must be opened before entering the store. If grandma gifted a game your kid knows he doesn’t want just by the looks of it, make sure to open the package before going to GameStop. They don’t take new, in package items as trade-ins.)
  3. Walk out with cash or an item purchased with in-store credit.

I traded in three games (two for the Nintendo DS, one WiiU) and with an additional $5, was able to buy Madden13 (this was before Christmas, as the Madden game price may have decreased since then).

Stretch your trade-in

Check the GameStop website for special offers to stretch your trade-in value. In November, those trading in toward a Playstation 4 were given extra value on their trade-in. Right now, there is a 30% bonus on trade-ins toward certain highlighted games.

Sign up for GameStop’s reward program. PowerUp Rewards members always get an additional 10% bump up on trade-in values.

Disclosure: I attended a GameStop, Techlicious, and ESRB event where I was given a GameStop gift card to try out the store. We had been GameStop customers prior, but I didn’t know about the trade-in program, nor had I been to the Palo Alto location (it’s nice). 

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  1. January 21, 2014
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