Enjoy a Shark’s Game With a Family Pack

sharksWe are not die-hard sports fan in my house.  We don’t live or die by the score.  I wish that we had the time to sit down and just watch a game on TV once in a while.  But I don’t even know the schedule for most sports.  That said, we are huge Bay Area sports fans.  We always cheer on our local teams:  Giants, 49ers, and Sharks.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Once each season, I try to get us tickets to go to live game.  We made it up from the South Bay to see the Giants just days before I gave birth to our third child.  I realized that this was the last year that the Niners would be playing at Candlestick a little too late in the season and was quickly priced out of the season.  Spending $250 or more PER TICKET was just not in the cards for us.  I’ll make nachos and drink beer from the comfort of my couch thankyouverymuch.  So we’ve made an effort to watch more Sunday football to cheer on our Niners.  But there was still time to support the Sharks in person!

This year, the Sharks along with sponsor Orchard Supply are offering Family Four Packs to select Sharks games.   Not only do you get a discounted ticket, you also get a hot dog, chips, and soda with each ticket.  It was perfect for our family.  While our seats were pretty much in the nose bleeds, Sharkie the mascot came into our section more than once which delighted our preschooler to no end.  We were surrounded by die-hard season tickets holders which helped get us all into the spirit of the game.  And my spouse, who has a minor complex about getting pick pocketed in large crowds, loved that we didn’t need to bring cash or credit cards to buy food.  We simply presented our printed-at-home ticket at the concession counter and were stocked for the game.

The kids had a great time.  My preschooler cracked up when a fight broke out and said the hockey player went on “time out” aka the penalty box.  My older son tried, but failed, to catch a t-shirt shot up into our section during a break.  Both kids would have given their left foot to ride on the Zamboni.  But I loved getting to experience it without breaking the bank.  Often times live sporting events are out of our financial reach.  Getting to enjoy a game for under $150 for all four of us felt like I scored one for my team.

The next game with the Family Pack offering is for the January 25th game against the Minnesota Wild.   Enter the promotional password: ORCHARD3 online at ticketmaster.com to select available seats in the promotion. A future games for the family pack is scheduled for April 5 but packages are not available for purchase yet.  Check out the Orchard Supply Family Pack promotional page for more information.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.  It’s just one mom sharing a good deal to see a great team play. Word to the wise, mobile tickets cannot be used to redeem toward food & beverage. 

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