Disneyland Innoventions: The Tech Museum Inside the Park

Innoventions Dream HomeDisneyland Resort has an easily overlooked attraction in Tomorrowland that is worth a visit with kids. Innoventions isn’t new – although some of the most exciting exhibits are new – and the entire attraction has gotten a bad rap from critics calling it not futuristic or a distraction from the rides. It’s worth ignoring any naysayers to try Innoventions for yourself, and you just may discover that there is a cool tech museum tucked into a theme park.

If me, you may have last walked into Disneyland’s Innoventions building when the PeopleMover was running and you wanted a small break. When we went inside the building last year, we were pleasantly surprised by the fun interactive and often educational exhibits that – best of all – had very little waits. Almost everything there we were able to walk right up, with a few games requiring a minute or two of waiting. It was all perfectly suited toward our kids, who ran from exhibit to exhibit , trying to take it all in. There was one long line, and that was the Iron Man exhibit where people could get suited up. That was when the exhibit was new, which means the line may be shorter.

Thor-Treasures-of-AsgardThe Marvel aspect of Innoventions is expanding. Late last year Thor: Treasures of Asgar was added – including a chance to meet Thor, take photos, and maybe even try to lift his mighty hammer – and this spring, Captain America will join the crew. This is perfect for kids like my son, who isn’t into princesses, but who still wants to meet his idols. It’s like Fantasy Faire for kids gung-ho about Marvel characters.

Why you should visit Innoventions:

  • There is something for all ages and interests. Yes, there are superheros, and there are active Xbox games for group interaction, games to learn about tech advancements, and a Dream Home showing off intuitive tech that could be used throughout a house.
  • It’s a change of pace from the rest of the park. It’s quieter, less hectic, fewer lines, and more interactive. Not to mention, it’s air conditioned, which makes the space pleasant for all.

The critics say that Innoventions is a waste of time better spent on rides. This may be true if only at the resort for a single day, but on trips more than that, it’s well worth a 20 minute stop. My kids experienced it as a tech museum inside of Disneyland, an attraction worthy of attention. At ages 6 and 10 (at our last visit), they were entertained and reluctant to leave. Another criticism I saw said that the Iron Man exhibit was boring because it was already at Comic-Con. The makes it more exciting for us because we got to see something cool enough for Comic-Con without the crowds.

Reportedly, Innoventions days are numbered to make room for a new ride. No specifics or closure date has been set, and it’s likely months, maybe even a year or more away, with the new Captain America exhibit beginning this spring. The potential end to this long standing building is another reason to check it out before it becomes part of Disneyland’s past.

Photos courtesy of Disneyland News

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