Disney’s Frozen Turns the Traditional Fairytale on its Head


Disney’s Frozen arrives in theaters today after months of anticipation. Frozen first landed on my kids’ radar this summer when they first saw it as a movie preview. It was a comical preview of a snowman and a reindeer fighting over a carrot, which led us all to believe it was an animal movie. We were wrong: it’s about people…with a snowman and a reindeer as supporting cast.

The story

Two young girls are orphaned, which is enough to overcome on its own, but the eldest sister Elsa has a power/curse hidden from her younger sister. After struggling to hide her power for years, it all comes out on a very important day: her coronation. During an outburst, Elsa freezes the town and she runs off in fear and embarrassment. How to save the kingdom, her sister, and ultimately herself, all falls on the shoulders of Princess Anna.

Is Frozen okay for young kids?

The PG rating is confusing and, in my opinion, wrong. It’s a G movie with a few silly jokes about smells. There’s a mild amount of tension, but the closest thing to a scary monster is a giant snow monster who tells some of the characters to go away. Even when the king and queen die in a ship wreck, the ship disappears into big waves. If your child is old enough to sit through a movie, they are the right age for Frozen.

Is it a girl movie?

Don’t let two female lead characters mislead you, male characters play significant roles. My seven year old son loved this movie so much that he’s ranked it in his top three movies and asked to see it again.

Will your kids enjoy it?

It’s funny, the story moves, the songs are catchy, and the ending is fantastic. Both of my kids (ages 7 and 11) enjoyed the movie.

One thing that was not lost on my daughter was body type. There was definitely one scene – where Elsa is in her ice castle and she struts as she sings, appearing to be all hips but no waist – where the utterly unrealistic body dimensions were too far exaggerated. After we left the theater, my daughter said the girls’ bodies were weird, noting that their torsos were not wide enough to hold organs. “There’s no room for intestines and stuff,” was really how she said it. My husband pointed out that the dysmorphia went both ways because the men had barrel chests, and while he was right, on a second viewing, the male chests aren’t nearly as exaggerated as the female hour glass shape.

Will parents enjoy it?

Parents have to suffer through many movies, but this isn’t one of those. I’m not big on musicals, but I found myself not only enjoying the songs, but singing them the next day. Without spoiling the ending, it’s not the formulaic conclusion that was expected. I LOVED the ending and the modern message in it.

The Pre-Movie Short

frozen5212ae060c3a4Make sure to be on time for the start of the movie because it kicks off with a hilarious short featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Get a Horse feels like a re-screen of a vintage cartoon real, but it kicks into 3D. The short is cute and very funny, but the best part was watching my son laugh in the glow of the screen. Also, it will make you long for Milk Duds from the concession stand.

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