Catch Peter and the Starcatcher in San Francisco

PATSC-Tour-11When I saw Les Miserables as a freshman in college, I remember being blown away by the scene where Javert jumps from a bridge and the creative way that was expressed with the bridge piece moving upward and the lighting and wind on Javert done to convey his fall. Recently, I lamented that with technology, the more creative effects were dropped for images on screens. Peter and the Starcatcher proved that I spoke too soon. The effects are creatively innovative, a little less glossy than a major production, and the stage felt smaller, which made the show so much more engaging and intimate than anything I’d seen in awhile.

The first thing you should know is that Peter and the Starcatcher isn’t for little kids. It’s not that the subject is suggestive or profane, but the show is long and the story and humor are aimed for an older audience. Yes, it’s about the prequel to Peter Pan, but that doesn’t mean it’s for your Disney-loving five year old. SHN recommends the show for ages 10+ and I think that is right on the money. You do not need to have read the young adult novel on which the show is based. I thought the early parts were a little hard to follow, but once I figured out who was whom, it was fun to watch how it all clicked into place as a prequel.

The show is funny and a little slapstick, and both my daughter (age 10) and her friend (age 11) thought it was hilarious. In addition to the humor, I loved that the adventure prominently features a strong, young female character. It’s not all about Peter.

Peter and the Starcatcher is playing at the Curran Theatre through Dec. 1. Drop homework this week and get to the Curran Theatre: SHN is offering rush tickets to the performance this week, which means that for the shows today through Thursday, $40 tickets are available at the box office two hours before show time. Check the SHN website for details.

Photo courtesy of SHN

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