American Girl Products at Costco Right Now!

svmamas-AGPepperI promise, this will be the last American Girl post for awhile, and this is most definitely not sponsored.

Tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday, the one where she got an American Girl doll last week as an early gift. However, this morning, it became clear she thought she was getting other gifts and that the doll was her main gift. The was a wee bit of debate that ended with her getting quite angry (sadly American Girl doesn’t have Angry Girl-themed accessories). Later, I felt guilty and thought I’d grab her a book while at shopping at Costco, but then I saw it: American Girl stuff at Costco. It’s the stuff that budgets dream about, if budgets could dream.

The Redwood City Costco – and I’d imagine the other Bay Area stores, too – have two different accessory sets, one of which was a doll diner set, for about $45; pets with carrier sets for $23; and historical book sets with a pint sized doll (price forgotten). My daughter has read the books already, and the accessory sets were more than I wanted to buy her right now, but the dogs were perfect. There were four breeds to choose from and I picked Pepper the Husky. The set comes with the dog, two dog treat bowls, a placemat, a dog pillow, and a book. It looks like the dog alone sells for $22 from American Girl directly.

This isn’t the first time Costco has carried American Girl products, and from what I’ve read online, it looks like the AG items sell out fast. Like everything at Costco, if you want it, you need to buy it when you see it.

I bought the latest Wimpy Kid book, too, because I haven’t decided if she’ll get Pepper tomorrow or for Christmas.

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