My Cloud: Your Own Secure Cloud With Mobile Access

WD My Cloud Image

Both of my computers and my phone are filled to the max with photos. I have as many photos as any mom, if not more because I work as a photographer, and while I back everything up, I still feel insecure. I like something tangible, something that I can hold and see working, and while online storage and syncing systems work, they leave me with questions about security. Can hackers access my information?  While the answer is that my documents are likely secure, it’s that one percent of uncertainty that sticks with me.

One option is a backup hard drive, which I have an sometimes (okay, rarely) remember to use. Another option is new – My Cloud – and it makes it a snap to sync from all devices, not only the computer tethered to it. Western Digital’s My Cloud works with my home network, just like that backup hard drive should be doing, but it also works as a cloud service, allowing me to back up my iPhone photos and video over wifi while away on vacation or letting me share those photos and videos with family far away (and with the ability to make sure those people only see the items shared with them, instead of my entire photo library). Normally I would have used Dropbox to share, and while I still can as My Cloud works well with Dropbox, it gives me an secondary option which means that because I don’t have to use DropBox for everything, I don’t need to pay for a premium Dropbox service. I can get away with using the free level.

The argument (generally made by my husband) is that offsite backups are great protection in case of a fire or other disaster at home, like a burglary. The My Cloud equipment looks like a book, which is easy to keep it on my desk or even on a desk at my parents’ house where I can access it remotely. If something happens at my house, the My Cloud at my parents’ house would be fine, and if something were to happen at their house, well I still have my computer and TIme Capsule. Yes, it is fully compatible with Time Capsule, which means I don’t have to change a thing about my current set up.

My Cloud is designed for a quick setup and use, with a dashboard screen allowing for settings to be adjusted, monitor the device status, control users, shares, and more. It works between different devices and with both Mac and PC, which means if you have both in your family, you can easy share files using My Cloud. The price is right: 2 TB for $150,  3 TB for $180. The 2 TB is enough for most; it’s the size equivalent to $50 a month online cloud services. However, if you need more space, an additional hard drive can be plugged into the My Cloud, and can be controlled by the same functions.

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