Great Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

svmamas-candyMy kids would hold onto their Halloween candy forever, if we let them. It’s become an Easter tradition to throw out the old Halloween candy the night before the Easter Bunny brings in fresh replacements. Our kids get to keep a certain number of candies – maybe 20, it’s based on the quality of what they received – and the rest is left at the front door for the Halloween witch to replace with books. While that gets the kids’ candy numbers down, it still leaves us with a bag of candy, many not good enough for mom or dad.

Donate it to a local shelter. A shelter nearby us collects Halloween candy and freezes it (preferably fun sized candy bars) for future parties or special events at the shelter.

Donate it to the military. Operation Shoebox takes in candy to send to the troops overseas. In this case, chocolates or candies that melt in the heat are maybe not the best choice.

Chop them up and freeze them for later use as toppings, in cookies or in dessert-making.

Freeze and reuse in December as Gingerbread house decor.

Take out the gummy bears, Jolly Ranchers or Skittles and toss them into vodka. Give them a few days, then enjoy a candy cocktail.

Add M&Ms to nuts for a homemade trail mix.

Try some candy science, including Pop Rocks expansion.

Make Starburst sculptures. Kids love playing with their food, so why not let them. Starbucks is pliable to the touch and doesn’t need to be warmed up. Let the kids build and create…and then wash off their sticky hands.

Go crazy and make candy bark.

Make candy cookies! Usually I used chopped candy with my favorite chocolate chip recipe, but this year, I’m going to try the Pioneer Woman’s candy cookies.

Bring it to work. If all else false, work breakrooms are akin to a garbage disposal: drop the candy and it will be eaten up swiftly. Something about florescent lights makes people go a little bonkers.

Finally, don’t forget to save Tootsie Pops for my mom’s famous Tootsie Pop Turkeys!



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