Google’s Same Day Delivery Service Makes Life Easier

photo (7)Several weeks ago, through a connection to a Google employee, I received an invitation to try Google Shopping Express, but I did nothing about it. It was exciting, and I wanted to try it, but I was busy. That is a crazy excuse because Google Shopping Express is a handy tool for dealing with a schedule too full to allow a stop at a store.

My husband picked up the wrong bread at the grocery store, and I found we were out of toothpaste after returning home from a trip to Target this weekend. Normally, that would have begun a cycle of me heading back out to the stores, only to later remember one other forgotten item, requiring yet another trip out. No more! This week, about the same time that the program opened up to anyone in Google’s delivery region (San Francisco, Peninsula to San Jose, more coming soon), we finally placed our first order.

Here’s how it went:

  • I already had a Google wallet, but I needed to update expired credit cards before I could place my order. That took only a few minutes.
  • Next, it was time to shop. Normally I shop at Whole Foods, and while Whole Foods is a vendor covered by Google Shopping Express, not everything was offered, especially perishables. This means no produce for now. However, Nob Hill Foods had the type and brand of bread that I wanted. I have never shopped at Nob Hill Foods because there isn’t one around us, making many of their items new to me. I ordered a few other things we could use, too.
  • Once the bread was added to my cart, I moved on to Target, where I found our toothpaste and added a Halloween item, too. My shopping was complete.
  • Before checking out, there are options if the purchased items were not in stock. For some – like the bread – I set it to allow the store to pick the closest alternative. For the Halloween item, I selected no alternative, because it was really an all or nothing item. Finally, for the toothpaste, I selected the same brand and type as an alternative. I had ordered a toothpaste two-pack, and if the two-pack was unavailable, a single tube would be good.
  • Next, I added any additional instructions, which for us, was to leave it by our front door. None of our items required a signature, which meant I didn’t need to be home to receive it.
  • I clicked order and was done. Shopping to check out took no more than 10 minutes, and would have been less had I not been browsing.
  • I was able to follow the order status, seeing the time the items were picked up, then the delivery time. My order was placed at about 11 a.m., the items were picked up within about 90 minutes, and delivered at 2:40 p.m. I returned home from school carpool to find two lovely bags waiting in the shade by my front door. My kids have never been so excited about groceries. They carried in the bags and watched me open them as though they were gifts.

Google Shopping Express is awesome. If you sign up now, Google is offering a free six month trial, and once the trial is up, the charge will be $5 per store. There is no tipping – I didn’t even see my delivery person – as Google says the delivery people are adequately compensated. This service is perfect for so many things – run out of diapers, need a gift for a birthday party, forgot something for a dinner party, meal solutions, coffee beans (SF offers Blue Bottle) – that same day delivery is certainly the future. I was always jealous of same day delivery services that came and went in larger cities, and now it’s exciting that this has come to the suburbs.

This is not a sponsored post.

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